We learned in an order, from simple to complex. 

Crawl, Walk then Run.

What do we do once we learn to run? That is a great question. Once we learn how to run, now is the time to slow down and analyze our form and technique even closer. 

Watching the Olympics, we see the best in the world…and they all have coaches. The coaches videotape their every movement and analyze how the athlete can improve and shave .001 seconds off the 100 meter dash or jump ¼ inch further in the long jump. 

The coaches here at CrossFit Viroqua are here to help you improve as well. 

If you are just getting started or have been a member for years, talk with us and we will set up some 1-on-1 30 minute personal training skill session. We can help you through the crawl, walk, run order and we can help you become more efficient in the complex movements. 

Set up a time here so we can help you!