When we do our FREE No-Sweat Intro’s, we rarely hear men say this. We do though hear this from the majority of the women, and I understand where you are coming from. I want to let you in on a little secret, it is extremely hard to bulk up. When I was competing in natural bodybuilding, it was not easy to bulk up even when my nutrition was spot on and exercising to put on a lot of muscle mass, ask any other bodybuilder, male or female.  

One of the best things about CrossFit, is that it has promoted a positive self body image of being strong, capable, and not an airbrushed photo. 

How does a person add muscle? We can get very technical, but we will simplify it to 2 things, workout routine and nutrition. When we workout and break muscle tissue down, your body builds it back up stronger to handle that stress. In order to properly build that muscle tissue up and recover faster, we need proper nutrition of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats. 

At CrossFit Viroqua, we can take two clients, one that wants to add muscle and one that wants to lose weight through the same workout and modify the workout and nutrition so they get different results. 

Let’s say the workout is: 

3 rounds 

10 Deadlifts

20 Sit-ups

400 Meter Run

Coach to Client that is looking to build muscle. “I know that you are looking to add muscle, so for today’s workout I want you to focus on using a heavy weight on the deadlifts that you can do unbroken and push the sit-ups out as fast as possible. On the run, take that easier so when you get back your legs are fresh to get those deadlifts on and build up that muscle.”

Coach to Client that is looking to lose weight. “I know that you are looking to lose some weight, so for today’s workout I want you to focus on moving a lighter weight on the deadlifts and even break them up so your lungs can recover for the run. On the run, I want you to push the pace so that you really optimize the calorie burn. 

Let’s look at how we would alter their nutrition afterward to help them achieve their respective goals.

Building Muscle: 25 grams of protein & 50 grams of carbohydrates (approximately 300 calories)

Lose Fat: 25 grams of protein & 25 grams of carbohydrates (approximately 200 calories)

With proper coaching and nutrition, you can achieve your goals and you will start to see results within a month of proper nutrition and coaching. If you are worried about getting “Bulky” or just getting started, let CrossFit Viroqua help you achieve the best you, sign up for a FREE No-Sweat Intro today!