First off, thank you for filling out the form of where you personally feel comfortable starting back up.

I take your health very seriously and the weight of the decision to open back up is a very serious decision that I do not take lightly.  As I am sure you are all aware, in the last week in Vernon county we have seen an increase in positive Covid-19 illnesses.

There are some of you that want me to open right away, some of you that want us to remain closed till this has all past. I ask that you are all respectful of others opinions/views as we all truly want people to be healthy and for no one to get sick.

When we open, please respect those that choose to start coming back in and respect those that choose to stay home. Some people need the community aspect for mental health and some need to distance themselves for health reasons. In this time, let’s choose to build others up and come together, even if it is virtually.  Let’s not teardown and separate.

I will be reaching out to everyone that said they are looking to stay home for now, move to online training and personal training. Those that are looking at getting back into group training, we are penciling in right now a start date of June 1st, which I do reserve the right to move that date based on new information as it comes in.

When we do re-open, you will need to reserve your spot for class in the member app. Please download this app on your phone:
Computer Webpage:

Here is a youtube link on how to reserve your spot: